Greenhouse mechanical shutter technology


And the primary role of mechanized curtain technology in greenhouse

1. Increased sunshine, increase greenhouse temperature. By reducing the volumes curtain time, increased nearly two hours of sunshine every day, improve the greenhouse temperatures of 3 c ~5 c.

2. Improve productivity, reduce labor intensity. Can improve productivity 15 times.

3. Reduce the blanket and wear, extending the life of blanket. Because the volume drop processes run smoothly without friction of the rope and blanket, blanket can prolong 1-2.

4. Shorten the crop growth period, early, increase economic benefits of the product. Due to the increased temperature in the greenhouse, grow fast, the crop early and shorten the crop growing season, crops can be listed in advance 5-10 day, because it is off season, season has direct bearing on the price.

5. Obtain better economic benefits. By reducing the amount of labor, reduce damage to the blanket, improve crop yields, increased anti-season can significantly increase economic efficiency.

Second, kind of rolling blinds machine and work principle

Rolling blinds machine of a variety of classification methods, manual and electric as a dynamic, fixed and moving as a work. Fixed type is volume curtain machine fixed in big shed Hou wall of brick duo Shang, using mechanical power put grass curtain volume up, using big shed of slope and straw child of weight down roll put straw child, the species model of volume curtain machine are is early installation of, cost high, big shed to has must of slope, if shed surface slope Taiping, straw child roll not down. After walking around is no brick wall stack, walk on the shed with electric motor and reducer, using free volume straw up and down rolling blinds machine of power, without the limitation of greenhouse gradient size, simple installation, low cost, high efficiency, rolled neatly, is widely used as a form of.

Third, cantilever self-propelled rolling machine

I city now widely using of is hanging arm since go type volume curtain machine, it by base, and support arm, and pendulum arm, and three-phase or single-phase motor, and deceleration machine, and volume curtain axis and the motor seat composition, General are with single-phase motor, power 1.1~2.2kW, for shed long 30~80m, support arm, and pendulum arm and the volume curtain axis are for 2 inches pipe, in shed Qian middle ground location installation can, volume curtain machine by good Hou will straw of bottom fixed in volume curtain axis Shang, top take in or fixed in Hou wall Shang, volume curtain machine can work. Work power, electric power through the gearbox to the roller shutter shaft, roller blind shaft rolled up straw, motor reversal is the drop curtain, working on the shed with electric motor and reducer, and you can stop or start at any location. This type of rolling blinds machine of simple structure, farmers can buy their own gear, motor, pipes and other materials installed in order to save money. This rolling blinds machine has the following advantages:

1. High volume only 5-8 minutes at a time.

2. Reduce labor intensity and powered rolling blinds machine of their own volumes, without manual operation.

3. Prolong illumination time, improve the quality and yield of crops, promote early.

4. Security, reliability, protection of greenhouses.

5. Roll neatly, shelf materials are not destroyed.

6. Easy to operate, can stop or start anywhere on the shed.

7. Simple structure, low prices.

Four, matters needing attention in use

Roller shutter machine in use and maintenance, pay attention to the following issues:

1. When it's plugged in to prevent power shortages, will burn out the motor if the lack of a power supply.

2. Host drive parts (such as reducer, transmission bearings, etc), add lubricating oil every year, transmission and antifreeze engine oil.

3. During the installation process to shutter the length of the string (elastic) as adjusted, rolled up straw in a straight line. In use to adjust shutter cord frequently, if the rope a ragged, tightness is not straw, rolled up straw will appear curved in use will increase the torque of rolling machines and reel, affect the results or damage to shutter and reel.

4. Straw at the bottom (that is, and where the roller shutter shaft) should not be too wet, heavy wet straw, rolled up difficult. In using the best straw with a plastic cover to avoid snow and wet straw, but also easy to clear the snow.

5. Annual parts spread all over the paint.

Five, rolling shutters technical standards for equipment

Curtain machines and there is no clear technical standards, but for cantilever self-propelled rolling blinds machine of general reference should be made to the following parameters:

(1) a roll length ≤ 80m, shutter <4000kg.

(2) <10min volume, put the curtain time.

(3) scroll speed <1.5R/min.

VI technology application

Greenhouse must roll machine is the future greenhouse mechanical equipment and direction of development, it has changed the traditional method of manual shutter operation, manual operation efficiency more than 15 times, and solves the problem of volumes shade intensity, improved the winter open pit operation environment, improve labor efficiency. According to test, a 70 meters long of big shed, volume curtain machine volume put once only needed 8 minutes, and artificial volume put once need 2 people work 2 hours, compared with, mechanical volume curtain daily can extended light time near 2 hours, full using increased time to improve and keep shed within temperature, makes shed within temperature improve 3~5 °, shed within species plant growth cycle shortened, and early, species plant than artificial volume curtain ahead of 5-10 days listed, each kg price average improve 1~1.5 Yuan. While less straw breakage and prolong the service life of the straw, labour savings may be doing other work, and create more value.