The benefits of applying drip irrigation in greenhouse vegetable production

1. simple drip irrigation can provide the right amount of benefit to the root zone water and fertilizer for vegetables, keep the vegetable root soil suitable supplies of water, oxygen and nutrients, good growth and high yield and quality of vegetables. Drip irrigation in greenhouse vegetables, economic benefits of increased 25%-45%.

2. conserve water testing, simple drip irrigation water use efficiency up to 95%-98%, irrigation water saving 45%, surface irrigation water saving 60%.

3. simple drip irrigation equipment is cheap micro Jet 1/3, per Mu (667 square meters) of only around 500 Yuan.

4. temperature protection use a simple drip irrigation in solar greenhouse in greenhouse irrigation increase greenhouse temperature 4-5 ℃, the increased temperature 5-8 degrees centigrade. Because of temperature increases, increased temperature, vegetable about early 10-15D.

5. prevent diseases of small capillary in simple drip irrigation under plastic film, can effectively inhibit vegetable variety of soil-borne pathogens, the spread of water-borne bacteria, prevent the occurrence of a variety of plant diseases.

6. saving topdressing fertilizer required for fertilizers in greenhouse vegetables, all placed into pools, with drops of water applied in crop rhizosphere soil, avoid the loss of fertilizer, infiltration and evaporation.

7. in addition to blocking easy simple drip irrigation laterals in the surface, jams are easy to find, local hole plug can also be tied again at any time.