Greenhouses price of rolling blinds machine of installation steps

1. advance welding joins activities section, on the flange to the pipe.

2. joining the host machine.

3. uniform sheds straw on both sides from the middle point down, straw finished font, align bottom, 40 cm out of the ground. Top is fixed, every straw spread a non-elastic rope.

4. the host in the Middle canopy, volume welding rod bolts.

5. in front of the Studio Center, 1.5-2 metres from shed to dig pits. Link support frame support bar with Slipknot and the PIN, set up, connected hosts, depending on the host's location after burying ground.

6. connect the volume bar from the Center to the sides neatly. And straw and with the wire rope on a fixed roll bar.

7. join reverse switch and power supply.

8. commissioning, transmission runs for the first time. Up to 2 m check stands, observe whether scrolling of straw in order. If not neatly put straw down, volume slow speed-pad software to adjust the volume until the volume such as a straight line