Greenhouse installation and use of rolling blinds machine tutorial

1. put rope

In paved the greenhouse side walls for the beginning of the film, will be on one end of the rope is fixed to the back wall, from top to bottom along the roof to the ground, to the other side by intervals of 1 m or 1.5 m from the rope, rope as above, the parallel between the ropes.

2. the pole and pole installation

Partial reset type big shed volume curtain machine in temperature shed end of side wall front-end about 1.5-2 meters of ground Shang dug a long about 2 meters (and greenhouse length direction parallel), and wide about 0.3 meters, and deep about 0.3 meters of soil pit, will to pile buried into this pit within and tight pressure real (ground only left hinge collection joint), then will hanging arm and State rod with pin axis connection good. Articulated pole through a pin one end to ground, articulated with a cantilever at the other end, and at the other end of the cantilever canopy rolling blinds machine of welding.

3. the canopy rolling blinds machine installation

Canopy rolling blinds machine placed in the front end on the ground, shed shutters along the length of the greenhouse at the machine end to install the appropriate size curtain rod, roller blind shaft material GB welded or flanged connections. One end of the curtain rod through the flange bolted sheds roll machine, connected in turn with the other shutter rod at the other end.

4. lay the blanket

From canopy rolling blinds machine as the first cord, symmetrically placed a blanket from top to bottom and to the greenhouse gradually laying on the other side, 0.2 meters between the blanket up stubble, so that the insulation. Blanket after all good, organize them in order, and round on the curtain rod and drum fixed on the curtain rod.

5. connect the reverse switch and power supply

Reverse switch should be installed on the side wall.

6. the test machine

Open the reverse switch, shed roll machine running, roll or lower volume during curtain rod bending, pad at the lower to moderate soft, speed to regulate the volume, until the curtain rod to keep the overall level.

7. greenhouse use and adjustment of rolling blinds machine of

(1) before use to check whether the rocker spindle lock pin off, rolling blinds machine of the connecting plug is correct in greenhouse, greenhouses of rolling blinds machine of the direction of rotation is correct.

(2) start greenhouse shutter switch shutter, shutter at the top 30 cm away from the greenhouse, must be shut down, in case the canopy rolling blinds machine off to the back wall.

(3) start when a curtain shutter switch, turn off the switch when the curtain to provide location. Roller blinds, curtains must be nursed.

(4) roller shutter shaft work to keep the greenhouse forward parallel to the ground when the roller shutter shaft stopped using parallelism when more than 0.5 m, adjust the bottom rope to the roller shutter shaft meets the requirements before use.

8. canopy rolling blinds machine maintenance and repair

(1) canopy rolling blinds machine should be replaced once a year during normal use gear oil.

(2) shed shutter and switch should be waterproof to prevent leakage. At the time of rain and snow, snow blanket on the cover membrane to prevent damp blanket or snow accumulation, increase greenhouse rolling blinds machine load, torsion bars or mechanical deformation and damage caused.