Canopy rolling blinds machine of tangible help us plant


At present, in our greenhouse work, many users are already using a greenhouse curtain machine equipment, this equipment not only help farmers improve productivity, but also for farmers to increase income. So more and more people begin to use greenhouses rolling blinds machine to complete the cotton curtain, rolled up straw and placement operations.

Greenhouses of rolling blinds machine of work benefits:

1, to save time. Canopy rolling blinds machine of one shutter or curtain is just 6 minutes or so, but manual operation took about 40 minutes, 1.5 hours working time per day is required, which is equivalent to extend the photoperiod.

2, labor. Manual shutter-intensity, be completed in strong labour, and canopy rolling blinds machine by old people, women and other labor action, suitable for the present situation of rural labor force in our city.

3, against adverse weather effects, enhanced greenhouse production reliability. Because of rolling blinds machine of high efficiency in greenhouse, to cope with the sudden bad weather such as wind, rain and snow, and ensure greenhouse film, crops are not affected, the losses to a minimum. Five is the structure of agricultural equipment to improve the facilities.

4, by extending the time of illumination, improving operating efficiency. After the shutter, Studio extends for about 1.5 hours of sunshine, greenhouse can be increased by 3 degrees Celsius, can promote crop growth, reduce crop market.

Canopy rolling blinds machine of convenient for us to grow, improve plant efficiency, reduce labor, real convenience for you.