First use of greenhouses operation of the shutter steps

Big shed volume curtain machine equipment of appeared and using effective of help people completed has big shed of volume curtain work, the equipment of using not only improve has farmers of efficiency, King big of reduce has farmers of work pressure, but, need note of is, due to greenhouse volume curtain machine also considered is a high-risk of products, so, we in using equipment of when, need note understand about problem.

1, vegetable greenhouse of rolling blinds machine of installation done by a professional installer for the first time, the user operation is very convenient.

2, before using for the first time to greenhouse vegetables roll machine 3-4 kg to infuse the oil.

3 when, from the top down blinds, switch pull to "down" position, drop curtain to a predetermined location, switch is pulled back to the "off" position.

4, when from bottom to roll up curtains, switch pull to "down" position, roller blinds to a predetermined location, switch is pulled back to the "off" position

5, if a power failure, you can hand crank Jack, artificial rock. Shake up shutter clockwise and counterclockwise to shake down the curtain.