Greenhouse operation way of rolling blinds machine saves time and effort


Now, in our greenhouse shutter work, most users have used canopy rolling blinds machine of work equipment. The use of the device not only makes our work more easily and the operation mode of the device is relatively easy, so comparison of widely used in agricultural production.

However, when we use the device, should pay attention to the following:

1. rolling blinds machine before use, blanket items must be removed, snow on the snow after the curtain should be cleaned, if the blanket wet after heavy rain and snow, should be part of the first volume, blanket all rolled up to proper drying.

2. rolling blinds machine must be used with two or more persons operating volumes in the process operators are not free to leave, is strictly prohibited in the adjustment and maintenance of rolling blinds machine under operating conditions.

3. rolling blinds machine slightly deviate at work, is a normal phenomenon, can be adjusted in about two months time.

4. rolling blinds machine at any time during the working process monitoring shutter operation, if there is abnormal sound or to stop check in time and troubleshooting, preventing the machine from working with illness, reducer lubricated regularly.

5. install shutters after the grass thatch must be covered with film.

6. rolling blinds machine after each use shut down, cut off the power supply, emergency shut off the outside power.