Canopy rolling blinds machine debugging for the first time in seven steps

Rolling blinds machine of the first greenhouse how to debug

A: the canopy rolling blinds machine of power for the first time run, rolled up about 1 meter, see thatch screens straightening, covered specific case where the curtains straight analysis does not directly cause straightening measures taken. The run, thatch curtains straight and not straight to the canopy rolling blinds machine back to its initial position, intended to try to run, a rolling straw is they do, is to light the canopy rolling blinds machine of the second run.

II: second delivery run, shed roll machine rolled up to about 2/3, the last work, objective is to promote the film cover Curtain rolled further false and to moderate the greenhouse rolling blinds machine running. Then again shed rolling blinds machine returns to its initial position.

Three: see thatch curtain rolled up neatly and straight, is there a deviation phenomenon; if the above phenomena should continue to adjust until it reaches the line with practical requirements. Finally, self-adhesive security marking firm posted in the greenhouses suitable parts of rolling blinds machine of the main rod, as users pay attention to safe operation.

Four: the third before transmission, you should carefully check the canopy rolling blinds machine of the host section there is an obvious phenomenon of temperature rise, if the temperature does not exceed ambient temperature 40 ℃, and found no greenhouses rolling blinds machine of a different sound, odor, can be power for the third time running to greenhouses shutters in place.

Five: the canopy rolling blinds machine of volumes in the process, personnel must be hand-switching station in greenhouses on two mountains, do not shed standing people, and away from the host and roll insulation blanket, thermal insulation.

Six: before using, shed roll machine to be injected in the body oil 4 kg, later to be replaced once a year.

Seven: the shutter rolls upwards from the big shed roof 30 cm, and must be shut down. As a result of brake failure speed reverse switch is in the down (reverse) direction of the normal down rolling blinds machine of detection