Canopy rolling blinds machine of four axle check steps

How to check whether the greenhouse mechanism of rolling blinds machine of the wheel axle rust

A: check the canopy rolling blinds machine pulley and shaft rotation is flexible pawl rotation is flexible, holes of the pulley and shaft outer wire

 is rusty rust and whether the pawl and ratchet bolts easy if there is rust and add oil to make it flexible, if you find that thread wear replace the pulley or shaft.

Second: to shed off the roll shell paint vulnerable, chassis rust and volume the internal and external sides of the pole because long-term exposure to a straw, friction is large, Rod rust layer is easy to fall off on the volume, the volume bar rust on both sides, and more rain in summer. So, want to brush paint in a timely manner. Of course, the greenhouses of rolling blinds machine after removing the condition maintenance necessary, can apply within the host and in the volume of oil and lubricants.

Three: the canopy rolling blinds machine during the installation process to shutter the length of the string (elastic) as adjusted, rolled up straw in a straight line. In use to adjust shutter cord frequently, if the rope a ragged, tightness is not straw, rolled up straw

 will appear curved in use will increase the torque of rolling machines and reel, affect the results or rolling blinds machine of damaged greenhouses and reel.

Four: rolling blinds machine connected in greenhouse power to prevent a deficiency of power, if the lack of a power will burn out the motor.