Water-saving Irrigation Soilless Cultivation


Soilless cultivation, greenhouses, drip irrigation... Israel is in the world in the selection and breeding of new agricultural varieties, agricultural mechanization and automation, water-saving irrigation, biotechnology, facility agriculture, agricultural internet of things, and agricultural development theory and business management. Forefront. Anhui is a large agricultural province and has rich agricultural resources. There is huge room for cooperation between the two sides. “Anhui is now at an important stage in the transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture and complements Israel’s agricultural development.” Liu Weidong, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, said that the matchmaking activity will help local Anhui enterprises learn Israeli agricultural innovation and development experience and promote more Israeli agriculture. Science and technology projects settled in Anhui, accelerating the process of modern agricultural development in our province.


It is understood that in recent years, the field of agricultural cooperation between Anhui and Israel has continued to expand. In November 2011, the Anhui Provincial Government and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture signed the “Minutes of the Conference on Strengthening Agricultural Cooperation”. Under the framework of cooperation, the province has sent more than 70 agricultural experts to Israel to study modern agriculture. At the scientific research level, Anhui Agricultural University and Israel conducted research on the application of agricultural IoT technology; Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Israel Agricultural Research Organization carried out joint breeding of rapeseed and vegetables, and multiplied rapeseed and high-quality melons Widely planted in our province. At the corporate level, Anhui Longkun Technology Corporation and Israeli BF Corporation formed a joint venture to apply the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analysis and forecasting capabilities to agricultural enterprise production and management, achieve accurate management, reduce costs, increase production, and increase efficiency. In 2014, the company initiated the establishment of the “Sino-Foreign Enterprise Cooperation Coalition in Israel”. Currently, there are more than 20 member companies, and the alliance has become an important carrier for cooperation between the two companies.


In the roadshow, 20 Israel-led agricultural science and technology companies made road shows to share their leading agricultural technologies and products, covering irrigation technology, pasture management, smart agricultural Internet of Things technology, integrated solutions, 

sorting equipment and fertilizer manufacturing. In the subsequent B2B link, Anhui enterprises made one-on-one exchanges with Israeli companies. "Israeli's agricultural technology and management are very advanced. This time, they want to understand their new technologies and see if they can cooperate." Yan Shijin, a farmer, said that he hopes to use new technologies and new concepts for the company. Farms make a more efficient and reasonable plan. Buying fruit in supermarkets sells well and the price is always more expensive. An Israeli company brought advanced fruit sorting technology. "If the fruit looks good, the price will rise sharply. Our technology is to help farmers reduce the loss of crops from the farmland to the market, not only can the appearance of the fruit not be damaged, but also reduce the ecological pollution." An Israeli company in the road show China stated that it is hoped that the company's expertise will help more Anhui agricultural enterprises achieve high-quality development.