Water Gun Sprinklers The Main Role Of Water Spray

The main function of the nozzle-type nozzle nozzle is to increase the nozzle near the water, so as to improve the sprinkler uniformity of the nozzle. In this study, the parameters of the nozzle of the rocker nozzle are optimized by the combination of flow field simulation and experiment. Using the reverse engineering design method, the three - dimensional structure of the rocker - type nozzle was established by using Pro / E, and the elevation angle and position of the auxiliary nozzle were selected as the parameters to be optimized. 9 kinds of nozzle - type nozzle were designed. The three-dimensional inner channel model of nine kinds of nozzle-type nozzle was established by using Pro / E and HyperMesh software. The internal flow path of nine kinds of nozzles was simulated by CFD software FLUENT, and the nozzle samples were processed by rapid prototyping In this paper, four kinds of interpolation methods (distance interpolation method, linear interpolation method, cubic interpolation method and cubic spline interpolation method) were used to calculate the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation in the rectangular combination mode, and the method was established by Sprinkler3D software through two-dimensional interpolation method. 9 nozzles of the pressure water distribution model, the spray nozzle uniformity of the evaluation. The research has some guiding significance for the uniformity of sprinkler, the optimization of nozzle structure and the optimal design of sprinkler system.

The main findings of the study are as follows:

1) The three-dimensional structure of the rocker-type nozzle was established by using Pro / E by reverse engineering. The rocker-type nozzles with nine kinds of auxiliary nozzle structures were designed, and these models were tested by rapid prototyping. , Indicating the use of rapid prototyping technology to study the optimization of the nozzle structure is feasible.

2) The simulation results of CFD software FLUENT were analyzed, and the flow rate and velocity of the nozzle with the position parameter of 19.8 mm and the elevation angle of 18 ° were obtained. The nozzle was flown at each pressure Analysis, found that the nozzle nozzle in the flow channel size and water flow rate increased under the combined effect of turbulence occurred.

3) The Sprinkler3D software is used to calculate the water distribution of each nozzle under different pressure. It can be clearly seen that the structural design of the nozzle of the rocker nozzle is effective in improving the water distribution near the nozzle, Nozzle position parameter of 19.8 mm, elevation angle of 18 ° of the nozzle, the test water distribution between 2 ~ 12 m to maintain good uniformity, and a range of 14 m or more.

4) In the rectangular combination mode, the spray uniformity of the nozzle is calculated by four different interpolation methods. The results are basically the same. The nozzle nozzle with the position parameter of 19.8 mm and the elevation angle of 18 ° is the same. Under the pressure are higher, reaching more than 80%, especially in the pressure of 300 kPa under the uniformity of the sprinkler than the optimization of the nozzle before the increase of 4% to 5%, and with the pressure increases the uniformity of the sprinkler also significantly increased The

This paper focuses on the influence of the auxiliary nozzle structure parameters on the spray performance of the rocker nozzle, and proposes the recommended value of the auxiliary nozzle elevation angle and position parameter. However, the diameter and length of the nozzle have great influence on the hydraulic performance of the nozzle, and the influence of other structural parameters on the nozzle should be further improved in the future study. In addition, the rapid prototyping technology to create a nozzle model, the accuracy of the model than the original nozzle bad, so the measured test data will be error, but with the rapid prototyping technology in the material and precision development, rapid prototyping technology The use of rocker-type nozzle for the rapid design and manufacturing are of great significance, it is worth further study.