Analysis Greenhouse Curtain Rope Causes And Solutions

You when shutter operation greenhouse greenhouse will appear if improper operation of rolling blinds machine of rope problem, to solve these problems, we analyze the causes and explain specific methods, these methods will be introduced below.

Greenhouses of rolling blinds machine of using my farmer friend relieve a burden, while others shed rolling blinds machine is very problematic. The VIP life, ranging from affecting normal vegetable production. Rolling blinds machine of small series to introduce greenhouse below using one of the frequently asked questions: rope problem.

Rolling blinds machine of rope occurs mainly in large shed in rear wall fixed canopy rolling machine, this rolling blinds machine rely on fixed rotate volume bar on the back wall, then led rope, cord grass thatch kept rolled up again. Under normal circumstances, rope is winding evenly on the volume bar, but in continuous use in the process of pulling rope too tight, rope is too loose, resulting in volume occurring on the rope, cord, will inevitably affect the quality of grass thatch, or even "twist"-like effect. To avoid this situation, many farmers chose the tilt arrangement of rope, although this method works, but tilt arrangement the grass thatch of cord damage, reduce the service life of the grass thatch.

So how to solve this problem? Let xiaobian share it:

One is to replace the drive shaft within the transmission, replace it to 1.2-1.5 metre-long tooth steel shaft, through steel shafts ensure that rope walk a straight line, so farmers in the layout when the DrawString, straight arrangement, instead of tilting arrangement. Install tooth steel shaft, gear shift according to the chassis, generally in the East as a starting point, to the West of turning.

II is in line with the welding cord fasteners, namely greenhouse rolling blinds machine of each upper end of the bracket, welding fixtures. Pull cord through fixed to ensure decentralization of pulling on a rope or on the same line, and avoid wrapping problems.