Buy A Sprayer Frequently Asked Questions

Buy a sprayer frequently asked questions

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1 q: you have 50-, 80-and 90-and many other models of machine, what is the difference between them, as a user how to choose? What things to pay attention to the words?

Answer: 50 series Milton fog machine is used of is single carburetor technology, this technology from first generation Milton fog machine on began using, Middle after times experiment improved, technology quite mature, this is 50 series machine of advantages; addition 50 series machine and 80.90 series of machine compared, price lower, economic affordable; but 50 series of machine need operation who through voice to looking for started location, and judge machine work whether normal, in using process in the to on throttle regulation round at any time adjustment, So it requires the operator to be able to accumulate enough experience and skills to better use;

80 and 90 series of machine is this year new design production of new Milton fog machine, used of is composite type double carburetor of technology, for its has good of oil and gas ratio, so regardless of is has experience of old user also is never using had of new user, are can very easy of operation and using, real of achieved has ' a key started '; regardless of is hot and cold machine are can achieved easily started; new Milton fog machine used double document adjustable speed, and double document started, has 360 ° rotating not flameout, and power size can adjustable of advantages ; The dual carburetor Assembly belong to sophisticated equipment, so users are advised to use the label high petrol (97#) for gasoline.

2, asked: I want to distribute your company's products, the profit margins much? How to work with your company, what are the conditions? Market how to protect?

A: we have 6 models of production and sale of the company's products, different prices, profit margins are also different. And I company cooperation of way strictly Shang distinguish has two species form: a is do General of dealer, not need signed contract, not need paid margin, just meet each purchase volume not below 10 Taiwan, and and is cash took goods of conditions can; another a is exclusive agent, I company is to County for units established exclusive agent, and and of signed agent contract, signed underwriting number, agents to to company paid must amounts of margin party can made exclusive agent permission. Whether the dealer or the agent, is protected in the market.

3, ask: we have never used a mist machine, don't know how pesticides ratio is directly in accordance with the recommended dilution ratio of pesticide manufacturers, please?

A: our products after years of use, sprayer already has hundreds of thousands of users in the country, also has the ratio of hundreds of thousands of pesticide sprayer user experience. Generally below 5 meters of crops can use water mixed with pesticide spray operations, matching procedure in accordance with the General 75 kg-150 kg of water charge to join the machine 15 kilograms of the medicine cabinet, spray 1 acre of land, Jet and air can reach 10 metres or more in length (this data is for reference only, the specific subject using after effects)

4, asked, what about the quality of your sprayer, guaranteed? If damaged, then how to repair? The service life of the machine?

Answer: sprayer product quality is the base, service is the key. I produced three bags of pulse power sprayer in strict accordance with the national policy to sell the product for warranty service, the warranty period of the machine a year, machine parts within one year of free maintenance and replacement; in accordance with the provisions of the three guarantees every machine is equipped with a sufficient amount of wearing parts.

Mixed acid-base agricultural insecticide, antiseptic drugs, new sprayer in design and production is the use of high temperature, high pressure, high acid and alkali resistance specifications of imported stainless steel materials, and each machine spray dose 3000 barrels of engine design, using a duration of up to 6-10. According to the customer's requirements, the design life of the engine can also be longer.