How To Choose A Sprayer

A correct selection method, smoke mist machine

1, to select the regular manufacturers, through the national CCC quality certification of products.

2, easy to start, use to select a flexible, high quality materials, high technological content and patented products.

3, joined the list of countries supported the promotion and agricultural subsidies to select products.

Er, smoke mist machine in action:

1, the pump can completely replace the traditional medicine, to crops, orchards, vineyards, gardens, poplar, shelterbelts, rubber plantations, vegetable greenhouses sprayed insecticides and foliar application of sterilization,

2, can be sprayed smoke in the late spring frost-proof.

3, can be in the Apple coloring, of Orchard spraying cold water to reach Orchard night cooling increases humidity increasing temperature difference between day and night to improve fruit coloration rate.

4, the pig chicken house and any local health and epidemic prevention, sterilization,

Selmer-smoke mist, Weifang, three, how to use dual-use machine:

1, and has plus clean of 97th, gasoline and configuration good of liquid, and diffusion agent, twist tight tank, and kit cover, with left thumb press ignition switch, again with right hand thumb press hand pump, until put tubing in the of air row NET, heard ignition voice Husky on line has (with hand pump pump a to two Xia oil, by Xia one-third on line has), again with right hand press ignition switch, with left pulled pump of lever cheer, dang heard continuous of rumble sound, can release ignition switch, stop cheer, then machine normal started. If the short period of time to restart no longer pump oil.

2, after shutting down, to keep the machine ahead of us than behind low to avoid drops back to flood and causing spark plug and the spark plug high voltage short circuits and damage.

3, fight drugs after the job is finished, you must pour out the remaining liquid, and 2-3 pounds of water jet cleaning machine. Otherwise easily lead pipe and nozzle clogging effect using the effect.