Effect Of Sprayer Spray Effect On Fruit


When I spray in orchards, sprayer spray effect directly affects the growth of fruit effect. For sprayer garden sprayer for common faults and troubleshooting jinliang machinery made the following summary:

1, no water absorption causes: switch position wrong; suction head of filter clogging; suction pipe a serious leak, lack of seals or seal is not good. Elimination: the correct handle position again clear jam; replace the suction pipes; reload, or put the sealing ring.

2, regulator failure causes: pressure regulating valve spring broken; pressure gauge is damaged. Troubleshooting: replace the spring and repair or replace pressure gauge.

3, water absorption slow cause: pump water inlet and outlet valves wear pump inlet valve spring break suction hoses leaking and blockage; pool water level is too low, the water absorption difficult. Troubleshooting: replace valve replace spring inspection, removal; improve water conditions.

4, the pressure gauge pressure instability, hands swinging, the pump outlet pipe causes violent shaking: pump chamber pressure insufficient or too large; pump valve is damaged; chamber diaphragm is damaged. Troubleshooting: sufficient air or exhaust air to the required pressure; replacement valves replace the diaphragm.

On 5, spray pressure adjustment, significantly reduced water cause: filter filter blocked; v-belts for wear, transmission slippage. Troubleshooting: clear blockage; replacing v-belts.

6, the spray causes of uneven or no spray: blocked sprayer hole or worn; pump does not supply. Troubleshooting: clear or replace the nozzle check the pump operation or cleaning the filter.

7, atomizing bad reasons: pump pressure is too low; nozzle orifice wear. Troubleshooting: increase pressure replace nozzle.

8, spray painting, the range is not enough reason: fan speed low fan v-belts for wear, slip. Troubleshooting: increase tractor throttle, engine speed, adjust the fan vent wind deflector; replacing v-belts.

9, diaphragm pump cup oil out of oil and water mixture, piston, piston pump outlet pipe causes oil-water mixture road: diaphragm pump diaphragm cracking damage; piston and piston seal in the pump is damaged. Troubleshooting: replacement of diaphragm; replace the seal.