Agricultural Sprayers Principles Of Ultrasonic Atomization

At present the production use of motorized sprayer knapsack, stretchers and matching with the tractor model, the more common applications is a Manpack, which is the most widely used mist to spray the powder machine, 1E40F gasoline engine (1.6 HP) power, high pressure centrifugal fan, driven directly by the crankshaft at 5,000 rpm of fan shaft speed.

Storage Kit is both a tank and powder storage boxes, just dress up different parts in the storage Kit. Nozzle consists mainly of plastic parts, regardless of mist and powder with the same charge, on which the change of different parts. Motor and fan are fixed by damping device in a rack, in order to reduce them when running at high speed to transmit vibrations from the rack.

Its Milton fog work principle: Dang engine crankshaft drive wind machine impeller high-speed rotating Shi, wind machine produced of high pressure air, which most by wind machine export flows nozzle, less part flows through into wind valve, and hose, and filter network arrived storage kit within liquid surface Shang of space, on liquid surface imposed must pressure, liquid in wind pressure role Xia through powder door, and water plug joint, and infusion tube, and switch arrived nozzle (that so-called pressure infusion). Nozzles located in the mist nozzle throat, airflow from the fan outlet to send by this section out, sudden increase of velocity, creates negative pressure at the nozzle.

Liquid within the storage box under positive pressure and here under negative pressure, the flow from the nozzle, was met with high speed air flow from the nozzle. Because both flow rates vary greatly, and perpendicular to the direction of, and high velocity from nozzles of fine stream coarse droplets or cut into small droplets 100~150 μ m in diameter and flow carries away, carried along in the air small droplets further dispersion, and finally settling down. From the high speed of the fan airflow, most by fans for most flow to the elbow, nozzle, part through the intake valve into blow-pipes. Due to the high wind speed, air pressure, air from the powder duct holes blown out, storage kit powder at the bottom of blown loose, and blows to the powder gate (the so-called air pulverized).

And because most of the high-speed air flow through the blower elbow when you export, pulverized coal pipe caused a certain degree of vacuum, so when the powder when the door is open, powder through powder, pulverized inhaled bends, mixed with lots of high speed gas flow through nozzle blow to crops.