Sprayer Problems Dispensing

For the convenience of application, many farmers in spraying herbicides are not a separate preparation of dilutions, but directly joining the herbicide sprayer, dilute solution prepared in the sprayer tank, with a good spraying directly after. However, due to the technology of preparation of dilution of herbicides that bed, problems tend to arise in the preparation process, directly affecting the herbicidal effect. In order to improve the efficacy of herbicides, in the dispensing process must pay attention to the following four questions:

Herbicide formulations of herbicide formulations there are many different formulations prepared in different ways. Such as emulsions, liquid and gel suspension would soon dissolve after the water and spread of these formulations of herbicides can be one step dilution preparation, in herbicide directly into sprayer to be a certain amount of dilution, dilution immediately after spraying. 72%, emulsion, 90% Harness EC can be used this way. A wettable powder, dry suspension emulsion formulation cannot be one step dilution method, must be prepared by two steps dilution method: step is required to weigh accurately herbicide with a little water and stir to make it fully dissolved to liquor. The second step is to put a certain amount of liquid by adding a certain amount of water, even the diluted spray. 75% giant dry suspension emulsion, nitrofen 25% wettable powder has to be diluted by this method and by no means can one step dilution dilution.

Preparation of dilutions in sprayer Kit preparation of dilutions must be added to the kit about 10 cm deep water before it can be medicine or liquor slowly add Kit, then add water to the water level line for spraying. Should never be without water in the tank or fill it up with water and pour into the water tank chemicals or liquor, because it is difficult to develop uniform dilution, will seriously affect the control effect.

Chemicals in the kit with a good cause immediately after spraying herbicide is weight and proportion of water is not exactly the same, such as herbicide specific gravity greater than water, stored for a long time after the herbicide will sink, resulting in lower liquid concentration, small upper liquid concentration, seriously affecting the herbicidal effect.

Sprayer to spray water through dilution with good sprayer to spray water through dilution as well, must not be filled. Sprayer kit filled with liquid in the spraying personnel walking medicine chest is difficult to shake, chemicals prone to sinking or floating phenomenon affecting the evenness of solution, thus affecting the herbicidal effect. In addition, in person when spraying pesticide spill the liquid easily out of the medicine cabinet and catchy, drips to spray officers, Kit in the liquid must not be increased too.