Greenhouse Insulation Product Features

(1) high resistance to aging, life is 3 times more than straw, corrosion-resistant, resistant to bleaching agents, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products, inorganic acids, alkali resistance, not afraid of mold.

(2) beautiful, uniform tone surface material for insulation are all, also in the edge insulation according to a certain distribution has more than one link, adjacent insulation are integrated through a connecting ring fit, not only beautiful and generous, and greatly reduce the number of butt joints.

(3) the recycled wool for thermal insulation fillings, after after carding, filling sandwiched two layers of non-woven fabric (at the end of sewing as fabric or fabric) between the needles into non-woven felt, external waterproof anti-aging nylon Oxford fabric, 12 pin wire sewing machine quilting made.

(4) the product easy to use, low cost and affordable.