Insulation Uses And Advantages


Greenhouse insulation uses and advantages

Greenhouse insulation is a high efficient energy-saving production facilities, because of its low construction cost, good insulation characteristics, which are applied in the production of many agricultural producers. In order to reduce heating costs and improve efficiency, enhancing greenhouse insulation, reducing heat loss almost as many greenhouse issues of concern to users. Greenhouse insulation performance is the result of many factors, in addition to reasonably determine the size greenhouse structures as well as construction materials, choose the right insulation materials, plastic film is also critical. Ideal heat transfer coefficient of insulation should have a small, good thermal insulation, moderate weight, easy to roll, good windproof, waterproof, long life and other advantages.

Greenhouse insulation were installed in front of the greenhouses of slope, mainly used for greenhouse insulation at night, so it has good thermal insulation properties are primary requirements for insulation. Secondly, greenhouse insulation was asked to wrap up the Sunrise, before sunset down thus corresponds to the insulation system is a system of movable coil is, therefore, requires that the insulation material must be flexible material. Third, greenhouse insulation be installed under outdoor conditions will always work, therefore, requires its windproof, waterproof, resistant to ageing, to adapt to the daily wind, rain, snow, hail and other natural climatic conditions. Finally, the greenhouse is the insulation should have a wide range of source material, low manufacturing cost and market price.

Greenhouse insulation uses and advantages

1. heat preservation performance is good: the covered greenhouses the surface, kept in the heat, reduce the heat, and is shed temperature 3-5 degrees, and insulation.

2. lighter: new type of insulation, all using high quality materials, were compared in traditional insulation, has the advantages of small size, light weight and easy operating.

3. long life: typically used in mats, life between 3-4, in times of rolling blinds machine kept the retractable, one foot mat easier, and increased business costs. New type of insulation is made of non-woven fabric and connectors-compacting, able to withstand the strong tension and pressure. Life between 20-30, the service life is ideal.

4. easy to clean: insulation outer layers made of non-woven cloth, sewn together, which itself has some self-purification ability, can prevent dust and magazines into the inner layer and does not affect the light intensity, the promotion of the photosynthetic production of crops, increase the yield.

5. difficult cuts in greenhouse: traditional straw mats in the system, use process will produce a Burr, in the process of retracting easily punctured greenhouse plastic, and a new type of nonwoven insulation is made of smooth, soft texture, does not damage the greenhouse film.

6. acid-base environment using strong: thermal insulation is used high quality chemical fiber and chemical fiber production, professional radiation at the surface, in particular acid and alkaline corrosion degree of light in the environment, slow corrosion, therefore, it can be saved for a long time, not bad.